Freeware 3D GPS mapping software for Windows.
Maps, Trailgauge can use any bitmap image as a map e.g. scanned paper maps, images from internet map sites or commercial GIS raster data. Trailgauge can even generate your own copyright free topographic maps from freely available height data and your GPS tracks and waypoints. Trailgauge supports hundreds of map projections and datums. Also automatically downloads USGS Quads and Aerial Photographs from TerraServer.
Heights, Trailgauge will automatically generate a continuous and seamless height surface over your map by downloading the necessary SRTM data which is filitered and interpolated for your map..
GPS interface, Trailgauge can download tracks from a Garmin GPS to analyse on your map. Trailgauge can extract speed data from your tracklogs to give you a speed graph of your trip including mile or km split times. After planning your route on Trailgauge simply upload it and take it with you. Full support for tracklogs, routes and waypoints.
3D Visualization, Trailgauge allows you to explore your maps terrain in real time on any OpenGL compatible graphics card. Fly through your routes, or just explore at random at any altitude. Supports configurable ground textures, height scaling and distance fogging.

Publishing, Trailgauge renders your routes into high quality route cards consisting of a map, topographic profile and list of waypoints directly into HTML for publishing on the web or printing.                    more...

Copyright (c) 2002 - 2006, Andrew Whaley